Industrial Shelving

8000 Series Box W Steel Shelving

Lyon offers a wide range of commercial shelving for a variety of needs. Lyon’s 8000 series steel shelving is the perfect solution for organizing smaller products. We have this industrial shelving available with open or closed sides and backs depending on your organizational needs. 8000 series metal shelving comes in either 36 inch width or 48 inch widths. Lyon box “w” shelves come in 3 different gauges. The medium duty shelf is 22 gauge, the heavy duty shelf is 20 gauge, and the extra heavy duty shelf is 18 gauge.

Get industrial shelving in either starters or add-ons. A starter can be extended into a row of shelving by attaching an add-on. Shelves adjust on 1-1/2 inch centers with no tools. They lock into place using shelf clips. Lyon offers either a galvanized or wire shelf option with their 8000 series steel industrial shelving. Galvanized shelves stand up to harsh environments while the wire shelves help increase visibility and maximize air flow.

Other Industrial Shelving Options
Lyon shelving also includes a counter height option. These shelves are shorter than our standard 8000 series. Great for use when height is an issue. Industrial bin shelving has built in dividers. This lets you assign locations on the shelves for materials. We also have a stand alone offset angle shelf unit. These are free standing shelving units that don’t link to other sections.

Lyon makes their 8000 series shelving in the USA. We also offer parts for your industrial shelving like shelf clips. You can also get additional shelves for your Lyon 8000 series shelving.

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