Storage Racks

Rivet Racks

Lyon offers a wide range of metal rack options for a variety of needs. Lyon’s bulk storage racks and shelves are the ideal warehouse racking system for the handloading of medium weight bulky items. In addition to storing cartons of merchandise in shipping and receiving departments, you can use the bulk storage racks for a display rack in retail locations.

Pallet Storage Racks
While all of Lyon’s steel rack is durable, none is as heavy-duty as Lyon’s pallet racking. Allow your warehouse to take full advantage of its vertical space with uprights up to 12 feet high! In addition pallet racks increase your efficiency by allowing you to store pallets directly on the rack levels without wasting time to individually load or unload product. Lyon also offers rivet rack shelving which is the next size up for shelving allowing larger items to be stored. You can quickly add particle board or wire decking to increase your storage options with this rivet rack. Lyon is a rack manufacturer with storage solutions for every use and need.

Bar pipe and rod rack store long items efficiently. Works great for steel, iron, or plastic tubes or pipes. Any material that is awkward to store on either a standard shelf or rack. Cantilever storage racks have wide, open rows. This allows for easy access while providing proper load support. Store bulky items such as building materials or even furniture. Finally Lyon has slotted steel angle. You can build custom racks and structures using slotted angle. The number of uses for it are endless.

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